"Endangered Animals of Russia: from knowledge to action" (www.nature.air.ru)

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"Endangered Animals of Russia:
from knowledge to action (www.nature.air.ru)"

We maintain and develop Internet web site "Endangered Animals of Russia" that educates people from any countries and promotes activity on protection of the wild nature.

Background Information

The Internet project "Endangered Animals of Russia: from knowledge to action" (www.nature.air.ru)" have been started since   fall 1999 by a group of 12 volunteers leaving in different countries (Russia, USA and Ukraine). 

Currently the site includes many text pages and images of endangered animals. See the list of Latin names.   

Zoologists of Moscow State University and several Russian academic institutions have been prepared most of the provided information.

Project Goals

1. To inform people about animals that are endangered;

2. To increase public interest on preservation of endangered animals;

3. To estimate communication of people from different communities in order to work together and to share experience;

4. To encourage public activity in protection of the wild nature;

5. To activate Russian government and other organisations in protection of the wild nature;

6. To develop ideas on how to protect wild nature of Russia and other countries.

Project Concept

We are developing web site including professionally prepared information about all endangered animals of Russia to educate people and to let them take part in actions on protection of animal and their habitats.

Our Plans

1. Developing concept of the web site, design and scripting.

2. Preparing English mirror of the web site.

3. Maintaining news section.

4. Adding of  texts, audio, video, photos etc.

5. Updating of bibliography.



Leader of the project: Slava Ivanenko, Ph.D.

The webmaster and designer of the project: Sveta Stankevich

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